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The sandals with high heels are sexy and feminine by pleaser

There are different types of shoes, for example top sandals and thick heels. Originally a high heel shoe with a thin sole with or without heel. This shoe is called a "cleavage" because it reveals its feet.

Etymologically the name comes from the Italian Scarpino (small shoe), which comes from Scarpa (shoes). Today the term generally refers to shoes with high heels. In Quebec, the term "sandals" refers to another type of shoe, the term "high heels."

As the boat has been a friendly lady slipper since the twentieth century, the first-dressed girl had to hold the feet to hold the shoe in place. Originally flat and lightweight, sandals were actually. In the middle of the fourteenth century this name was given to ladies' shoes with high heels because they make noises while walking, which reminds them of the earth's growth. During the restoration and under Louis Philippe, men and women are worn for the balls in a painted model and lined with silk braid. The elegant-looking sandals delight women from the 18th century, decorated with lace and ribbons, and creatively embrace a heel.

erotic, super sexy, decorate your heels with women's shoes

In World War II, the limitations prevent the authors from finding materials traditionally used for heels. New unused materials such as cork or plastic replace the heels. In the early 1950s, high heels of sandals arrived in Italy. The shoe is first used in France in 1947 during a fashion show by Christian Dior. This type of high heels becomes one of the key features of the New Look silhouette, which confirms the femininity and underlines the elegant silhouette of the models. The two-color version of Chanel and Massaro is very popular. In the following years, Jackie Kennedy decided to combine all the high heels sandals with their calm women's shoes. The prestige and high social status of the shoe are quickly bred by many First Ladies. In the 1960s, doctors accused the pumps of the negative impact of all diseases on their backs. This type of ladies' shoe is neglected in favor of femininity-recommended flat sandals. The shoe quickly loses its prestigious image, mainly because it was used by the managers. About thirty years later, in the nineties, he is back in the fashion world. The French, the largest shoe buyer in Europe, buy an average of six pairs of high heels shoes per year. 105 million stilettos were sold worldwide in 2005. Contemporary heels are popular with famous artists such as Salvatore Ferragamo and Charles Jourdan.

open high heels shoe with platform sole

Pleaser high heels have no closing system and slip into the shoe. It can sometimes be open at the end. It can be slanted (or "cut"), pointed (even conical in some models) or head. It is sometimes equipped with a belt that closes the ankle. This thread can easily be double, crossed on the back, with various ornaments (stones, chains, pearls, ...) or on some models with high heels (5 cm) it can be determined that even wide enough to accommodate two small loops, the heels are minimal 5 cm long. If it is very long (more than 10 cm) and very thin, it is also called a stiletto heel. Sergio Rossi made a pair of crocodile sandals covered with gold leaf, making it a goldsmith. This couple has a twin sister who is covered with money. The pumps as a refined object and symbol of feminine elegance can be the subject of fetishism.

high heels with transparent platform

A transparent heel or plexiglass high heels shoe is made on the platform with a high heel of transparent material. Usually empty, the platform can contain a variation of light, liquids or even fish. The materials used can be polycarbonate, PVC, polymethyl methacrylate (Lucite) and acrylic resins 1.2 materials. The heel on the back of the shoe can be transparent, but also opaque or colored. This style can be used to refer to the glass doors in Cinderella style in a ball. (Although this apocratic allusion seems like Cinderella is wearing no glass shoes, but sexy shoes.) As such, it is considered sensual high-heeled shoes.

Well-known brands such as Pleaser High Heels, including this heel style, are Pleaser and Luscious. The New Yorker magazines show that the trend in 2010 is in fashion, especially when this shoe appears in the collections of Dolce Gabbana, Prada and Fendi. Some celebrities have been criticized for wearing this type of heel because they are sometimes associated with strippers. The platform heel is a thin shape with high heels that is usually associated with shoes and boots that are normally worn by women. They generally vary between 2.5 cm and 25 cm or more when a wedge is involved in the production. In the late 1950s and early 1960s, designed by Italian shoemakers, tip was no more than 5 mm. This fashion accessory symbolizes feminine elegance. Modern platforms are made of molded plastic and usually have a rod or metal alloy for reinforcement.

high heels have depicted their own nineteenth-century fetish drawings in the form of a sexual FANTASY. Historically, nineteenth-century fetish drawings have heels worn as sexual fantasies. The platform heel dates from the 1930s and was designed by various designers and manufacturers. The precursors of high-heeled sandals were perhaps base, which were originally intended to avoid contact with the ground, which later became the symbol of power and social status, later platform shoes in the 1940s, at the end of World War II in popularity lost. The reintegration of men into civilian life is a return home that encourages women to return home. Fashion emphasizes femininity and everything that goes with it, including the stiletto heel. The hairdresser Charles Jourdan decided in 1951 to thin the heel of the shoe classic and to increase it to 8 cm-1. However, as the inventor of the high-heeled sandals platform heels, it seems to be indirectly the stylist André Perugia, who was designed in the 1940s shoes with heels similar to the Parisian singer Mistinguett in the 1940s and made of plastic, but laid her consistency as a pattern. Roger Vivier, who then worked for Christian Dior, had the idea of ​​using a metal bar in the heel to make them more resistant. This technique quickly replaces the wooden heel. According to Viviers, the platform heel consists of a conical, low heel in the style of Louis XV. "Marked in pencil". Kristin S. Wagner is also behind the success of the fashionable stiletto heel.

Popularization and impact of Platform

Their designs were developed, high heels became popular in the 1950s and 1960s and were made public. Its existence was first given in the American Daily Telegram September 10, 1953, the name "Stiletto" known because it looked like the dagger with the same name. Brooch whose heel imitates the streamlined profile. But the word "high heels" for women's shoes has been known since the 1930s.

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